Certification tests - are the stages of confirmation of quality and safety of production which are required for the declaration of conformity, voluntary and mandatory certification. Certification tests are carried out at accredited testing laboratories which perform sampling of certified products. The procedure for certification testing takes about 10 working days from the date of representing the full package of documents and samples. The tests can be carried out in accordance with GOSTs, technical documentation of the manufacturer (TC, TI, SO), as well as the requirements of the nomenclature of products, or other requirements proposed by the applicant. After completing the test procedure a conclusion in the form of а test report is issued and a statement is drawn up by test laboratories.
By the results of tests the test laboratory makes a conclusion on conformity in the form of a test report.
The test report – is an official document containing tests results of the samples of product. The test report, is the main document which contains the conclusion on conformity of production with the declared requirements. Also, the test report is one of the grounds to issue a declaration of conformity, the certificate of conformity.
By the results of tests the test laboratory makes a conclusion on conformity in the form of a test report.
The test report contains results of tests of the declared product and is the official document that serves as a basis for the issuance of the certificate of conformity.
It must surely be specified at the test report:
- bases for testing,
- requisites of the manufacturer's products,
- description of the presented samples,
- techniques of carried-out tests,
- date,
- results.
The test report also contains the characteristics of production established by the producer, safety indicators with reference to the requirements of regulatory documents, test methods, numerical values of characteristics and results of assessment confirming the implementation of requirements. Information on test equipment and measuring instruments applied at certification tests is provided in the protocol.
If by the results of certified tests the production has not received confirmation of conformity to the requirements of regulatory documents, a protocol with negative tests results is issued.
All the information obtained during the tests is confidential, the participants bear personal responsibility for the safety of the information received.
The procedure of certification tests is carried out so that the manufacturer or the importers, were confident in the quality of products sold by them, and were competitive in the market of the sold products.
Necessary package of documents for certification testing:
1. An application for testing;
2. Technical description of the product;
3. Registration documents of the applicant company;
4. Product sample;
5. Layout labels;
6. Technical conditions, or SO for domestic producers.