The test program is the list of the checks, solved by them tasks and assessment of the results with reference to specific testing procedures. These checks must show as far as the object of the tests meets the requirements of the technical task.
The test program consists of the following items:
1. Object and volume of the tests;
2. The purpose of the carried-out tests;
3. Order and special conditions of carrying out tests;
4. Metrological and material support;
5. Reporting on the results.

The test procedure is the list and description of the ways and techniques used at testing and processing of their results, with the indication of all characteristics and parameters.
The test procedure consists of the following items:
1. The estimated characteristics of production;
2. Methods of analysis, assessment and processing of test results;
3. Order and conditions of carrying out tests;
4. Devices used for control, measurement and testing;
5. Reporting.

As a rule, standardized programs and methods are used for tests. It is also applied to the type of certification tests, serving for the determination of compliance of any production to mandatory requirements. If it is necessary to develop a new program or technique, before practical application in the prescribed manner they have to be certified and coordinated in the bodies of state supervision.
The test program and procedure also assume the quality check of all working, construction and operational documentation. During this check it is defined as far as this documentation is suitable for use in the conditions of industrial production. It is also necessary to inspect the project of Technical Conditions for the production on an industrial scale.
The tests are carried out by specially created commission. The employees of accredited in this field of expert organizations and Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor) are included in its staff. According to test results, the Commission evaluates the carried-out work in accordance with the previously developed and approved programs and methods. The course and terms of the tests may be different and depend on features of the test objects.