Certificate of conformity of the Customs Union - is a document which certifies that the products produced for circulation on the territory of the Customs Union meets all the requirements of regulatory documents. Necessary for confirmation of similar conformity requirements are stated in the Technical regulations.

The declaration and the certificate have a common form, and for production the use of special marking - Common Mark of Products Circulation is supposed. The production not included in the technical regulations is not subject to obligatory certification within the Customs Union.
Currently almost all the developed and approved technical regulations of the Customs Union entered into force.
For products subject to mandatory certification within the Customs Union, a certificate of conformity in the territory of one of allies of the Customs Union – Armenia, Russia, Belarus or Kazakhstan may be issued. Thus, the organization having the certificate of conformity of the Customs Union has opportunity to import goods into the territory of these three states.
The execution of common certificates and declarations on conformity is assigned to the certification bodies included in the national part of the Common Register of the Customs Union.
The certification body of product "International Certification Centre" has confirmed its conformity to all the established criteria and due to it was successfully included in the national part of the Common Register of certification bodies of the Customs Union.
According to it our company is ready to execute certificates of conformity for you and register the declaration of conformity in a common form of the Customs Union on the following TR CU:
- TR CU 004/2011 «On safety of low-voltage equipment»
- TR CU 005/2011 «On safety of packages»
- TR CU 007/2011 «Оn safety of products for children and teenagers»
- TR CU 008/2011 «Оn safety of toys»
- TR CU 009/2011 « Оn safety of perfumery and cosmetic products»
- TR CU 010/2011 « Оn safety of machinery and equipment»
- TR CU 015/2011 «Оn safety of grain»
- TR CU 016/2011 «On safety of vehicles operating on gaseous fuel»
- TR CU 017/2011 «On safety of light industry products»

 -TR CU 018 «On Safety of Wheeled Vehicles»
- TR CU 019/2011 «Оn safety of personal protection equipm ents»
- TR CU 020/2011 «Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipments»
- TR CU 021/2011 «On safety of food products»
- TR CU 022/2011 « Food products in terms of their labeling»
- TR CU 023/2011 « Technical regulation for juice products from fruit and vegetables»
- TR CU 024/2011 «Technical Regulation on Fat and Oil Products»
- TR CU 025/2012 «On safety of furniture»
- TR CU 029/2012 « Safety requirements for food additives, flavorings and processing aids»
- TR CU 030/2012 «On requirements for lubricants, oils and special fluids»
- TR CU 032/2012«On the safety equipment of high pressure»
- TR CU 033/2013 «On safety of milk and dairy products»
- TR CU 034/2013 «On safety of meat and meat products».
The necessary list of documents for the registration of certificate or declaration of conformity to the requirements of TR CU is specified in the corresponding technical regulations.