The import and export license of ozone-depleting substances - it is a conclusion that allows you to export and import goods by the applicant, which contains ozone-depleting substances.
It is especially actual for products and equipment which have similar substances: refrigerating, thermal and freezing plants, air conditioners, air drying devices, portable fire extinguishers, aerosol products and others.
The import and export of ozone-depleting substances is regulated in accordance with the legislative acts on the limitations of import and export of similar sort of products. The period of validity of the import and export license of ozone-depleting substances is 6 months from the date of its receipt by the applicant.
The required documents for the receipt of import and export license:
- Executed application (it has to be certified);
- Appendices to the application in the attached form (each sheet has to be certified);
-Technical documentation: catalogs, passports, letters from manufacturers’ company, a letter from the applicant’s company (it has to be certified);
- Contract.
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