Certificate of origin — it is a document issued by the competent authority in the exporter's country. The certificate of origin clearly certifies the origin of goods from a particular country, group of countries or a part of the country. The document may contain declaration on the origin of the goods by the producer or the supplier. The certificate of origin
The certificate of origin is required for the customs authorities of the importing country for tariff regulation of imported goods, obtaining preferential tariffs, duty-free importation, exemption from additional taxation.
There are three main types of certificates of origin::
- certificate of origin ST 1;
- certificates of origin of common form;
- certificates of origin of А form;
Certificate of origin ST 1— it is a document which confirms that the production exported from the country, was made in the territory of country from domestic raw materials or was subjected to sufficient processing to be considered as originated in the territory of the country. The certificate of origin ST 1 is issued for goods exported to the countries - participants of the CIS.
The certificate of origin in the ST-1 form is required at customs when importing goods to the territory of the state (participant of Agreement) for confirmation of the country of origin.
The original of the certificate is provided together with the cargo customs declaration and other documents necessary for the customs registration.
According to the bilateral free trade Agreements concluded between CIS countries, the goods made in the territory of the mentioned states and imported on their territory have VAT privileges in the presence of the certificate of origin of the «ST-1» form.
The certificate of origin of ST 1 is given by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation for each separate delivery of goods which is carried out by one or several vehicles from the same consignor to the same consignee.
The certificate of ST 1 is made on a special, protected form of A4 format (210 x 297 mm) produced in a typographical method.
The validity period of certificate of ST is 1 months from the day of issue.
The general order and rules of registration of the certificates of origin are given in the decision of Council of heads of governments of the Commonwealth of Independent States of November 30, 2000.
Necessary package of documents for registration of the certificate:
1. executed application;
2. Detailed requisites of the applicant;
3. Copy of the certificate of assignment of TRN;
4. Certificate, confirming the registration in the common state registry;
5. Copy of the contract or contract for delivery;
6. Confirming primary documents (invoice, consignment notes, specifications, invoices);
7. The description of the object with reflection of quantity of raw materials in a percentage ratio from the different countries.