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Technological instruction – it is an obligatory document of CSCD system. It stands for Common system of construction documentation. This document can be used as at repair, production, and use of the product. A similar instruction strictly in a tandem with the technical conditions of the product is developed.
The structure and rules of registration of CSCD directly depend on the variety of products, which needs development of technical documentation. Also, the development takes place, based on industry standards. For example, products that are exported, should be translated into the languages of the countries where it is planned to deliver this product.
The technical instruction consists of the following sections:
• description of the technological process;
• description of the product as a result of technological operation;
• requirements of industrial equipments;
• requirements of technological equipments, which is applied for this operation;
• ways and methods of control of production;
• characteristics of components, raw materials and materials;
• requirements of environment protection;
• requirements of safety during performance or preparation of technological operation.
• hygienic and sanitary requirements at the preparation and use of the product.
Technological instruction and technological conditions – it is the indivisible part of technical documentation of the product. These documents are put into operation at the enterprise at the same time. Their main task is to ensure the production of the finished products in strict accordance with GOST standards or other standards, controlling the area of production.
Based on the standard, there are additional obligatory requirements during the execution of technical instructions in the food industry:
• indication of the technical instruction application sphere. In this case all the companies and branches, which will manufacture and realize the product from the enumerated range, must be listed;
• it is necessary to confirm the used raw materials and semi-finished products, which are used at the creation of products;
• approve the formula of each dish and product;
• definition of norms of foodstuff and raw materials which include the accounting of losses at culinary processing;
• technological operations in series;
• the order of sanitary processing of the equipments, locations and other objects;
• description of technological modes and technological equipments;
• requirements of safety, quality control and other requirements.