The specialists of our company will help you in the elaboration of flow charts, while you just need to contact us in any way convenient for you. The competent, specially trained personnel will be engaged in the registration of all documentation. All you have to do, simply to provide all the necessary documents and answer some questions of our experts.
One of the most important regulatory documents of the examination is the flow chart.
It is worked out on the house or new specialties made exclusively at this enterprise.
These charts are not valid for products from other enterprises.
Together with the technology of manufacturing process of the product, this regulatory document has a number of safety requirements to the products used, the results of laboratory researches and technological process.
Along with the standard of the enterprise, this regulatory document consists of the following sections:
• name of a product and sphere of its use;
• the list of raw materials that is used for the dish cooking;
• the list of requirements to the quality of the raw materials used;
• net and gross weight;
• a detailed description of the nuances of manufacturing products or food;
• the requirements to registration, issue and realization of a dish or a product are described;
• the indicators of energetic value and food structure are specified.
Each flow chart is assigned a certain serial number. Then it is approved by the worker, engineer-technologist and the head of the enterprise. The period of validity of the document is defined at the enterprise.