The program of industrial – is a document containing the name, terms, multiplicity and types of the works, which must be performed at the enterprise in accordance with the type of performed activity.
The objects of industrial control are the enterprises and organizations, working in the sphere of trade, public catering, pharmacies, medical centers and beauty salons, as well as other industrial and public places, sanitary protection zones, equipments and transport, the technological processes, workplaces used for the performance of work, rendering of services, and also raw materials, semi-finished products, final products, production wastes and consumption.
The aim of the program of industrial control is the safety and (or) harmlessness for the person and the environment of his dwelling of an adverse effect of objects of industrial control through timely performance of sanitary regulations, preventive measures by the organization and control of their observance.
The program of industrial control is verified by the head of the enterprise, which bears personal responsibility for the quality and safety of the manufactured product.
At the request of the supervisory bodies authorized to carry out state control in the sphere of sanitary and epidemiological prosperity of the population and consumer rights protection, the legal entity (private entrepreneur) is obliged to provide information on the results of industrial control.
The program of industrial control includesthe following sections:
1. The list of regulatory documentation formed in accordance with the sphere of activity of the enterprise.
2. The frequency and volume of medical examinations.
3. The list of control measures of the state of working conditions at the workplaces.
4. The list of control measures of the state of the environment.