Industrial safety examination is an expert assessment of a certain object with the purpose to get the conclusion as to whether the object conforms to the requirements of industrial safety or not.
The safety examination of industrial objects can be carried out concerning:
• the project documentation of the enterprise;
• the used technical devices;
• buildings;
• declarations of the object safety;
• other documents used at the operation of the object.
As a result of this examination will be issued a conclusion which is the document containing the conclusion on the conformity of the inspected object to the safety requirements.
This document contains the following data:
• name of the issued conclusion;
• introductory part, which includes data regarding to the base of the examination;
• list of the objects for which this conclusion is valid;
• data of the examination customer;
• the purpose of carrying out an examination of object;
• data on what documents are considered, including declarations of repair, design declarations, and others;
• information regarding the considered equipment with the obligatory indication of the number, mark or other identification data, which are on this equipment;
• characteristics, also the designation of the inspected object;
• conclusion on the examination of industrial objects safety, in which are indicated the conclusions of the examination, as well as recommendation of solving this or that technical questions;
• appendices, which contain the list of documents (regulatory, methodological, technical etc), used at the examination.
The conclusion is signed by the head of the organization, who carried out the examination of industrial object safety, also is verified by a seal.