Since February 15, 2013 in requirements of Technical regulations of the Customs Union appeared a new point in which it is specified that any explosion-proof product is subject to confirmation. In essence, the explosion-proof equipment is the equipment which is capable to prevent the ignition of surrounding explosive environment. Only the existence of certificates is able to confirm the high quality of the product and its compliance with regulatory requirements.
The list of explosion-proof products subject to confirmation:
-production of medical sphere;
- equipment for non-industrial and household application when the explosive environment is formed as a result of leak;
- equipment at which operation the danger of explosion arises exclusively because of the existence of unstable chemical compounds and explosive substances;
- means for personal protection;
- vehicles for the transportation of passengers in any way;
- sea vessels and cars adjoining to them with equipments;
- nuclear weapon.
The certification of explosion-proof equipments is carried out for testings in the laboratory.
What kind of documents are required for the certification of explosion-proof equipment.
-sample of specified product;
-manual for use;
-technical characteristics;
-construction documentation;
- explosion safety certificate, issued by ATEX international center.
It is necessary for the equipment of foreign production.
The certificate is given for a period of 5 years. And our qualified specialists will help you to get that document, who are involved in this sphere for several years. You just need to contact us in a convenient way, then to provide the necessary package of documents. We perform all the works at a high level, which was achieved by the well-coordinated work of our specialists.